GLOBAL GUTZ Organizer’s Manual.
Select a race course in your city (not in the countryside) that is as flat as possible and measures in at 21 km (13.04 miles) Be exact and measure the absolutely shortest possible way so that no shortcuts can be taken.
Measure the course first on a map and then ride it with an odometer (bike computer). This race is a lottery as it is and we should try to even chances out as much as we can.
Select five spots as checkpoints (start and finish do not count as checkpoints!). The first checkpoint is given at the start. At each following checkpoint the next one will be given. Racers only know at the checkpoint where to go next.
You can either have people at the checkpoint to tell where to go next or use signs to indicate the next checkpoint.
Make no fun or hidden checkpoints.
Make it as simple as possible to keep the global chances equal.
The race must start on time.

After all racers, male and female, have finished the course, e-mail the results to globalgutz2014(at) The results are needed maximum 72 hours after the race.
Give us the exact time in minutes and seconds when the line was crossed.

ONLY (ex) messengers may organise a Global Gutz race. This is not an ordinary fun alleycat for non messengers. It is a competition between working messengers. Thank you for your understanding.

After the race it is requested that a $5 entry fee per participant (or rough equivalent for your country) Bike Messenger Emergency Fund in Toronto.
Send us 5 pictures of the race and one of your winners (male & female)

Cities are encouraged to post their course online so that we can see each others courses. A simple course via gmaps will do. Send the map link to (But don’t make your course map public until after the race)

Time zone 1 is on Saturday October 18. Start time for Los Angeles would be 4 am. Start time for London would be noon. Start time for Sydney would be 10 pm.

Time zone 2 is on Saturday October 18. Start time for Los Angeles would be 1 pm. Start time for London would be 9 pm. Start time for Sydney would be Sunday October 19th at 6am.

Cities can choose which time zone is best for them. Surely for some cities only one of the starting times makes sense.

LA 1pm Chicago 3pm NYC 4pm London noon or 9pm Berlin 1pm or 10pm Zimbabwe 2p or 11pm Tokyo 9pm Sydney 10pm